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Winter & Summer Storage Tips

Things to consider doing before storing:

Prepare the stored item thoroughly, inside and out. This includes removing desired personal items, vacuuming the interior to remove all food/snacks. Applying vinyl, rubber, and leather protectants to appropriate surfaces. Use a wheel cleaner to remove all traces of brake dust, which is highly corrosive. Disengage the handbrake. Be sure the stored item is completely dry before covering it.

Preserve the battery. Consider a battery trickle charger to maintain battery performance, or disconnect the battery and move it to a heated space.

Preparing the tires. Modern tires are unlikely to develop flat spots during a half-year storage period. With that said, the simplest safeguard is to inflate tires to the manufactures recommended maximum inflation pressure on the sidewall. Do not exceed it or risk tire damage.

Prepare the fuel system. Add fuel stabilizer, and fill the fuel tank. Temperature variation may create condensation within a less than full fuel tank. Finally, run the engine long enough to circulate the stabilized fuel throughout the system.

Cover the stored item. Use a good quality, form-fitting cover with a soft inner layer. The cover needs to be as clean as the stored item. Dust between the cover and the paint will act like an abrasive, dulling and scratching the finish. The cover should be able to “breathe” to let moisture escape. Recommend leaving the windows open to allow air circulation.

Maintain insurance coverage. Insurance reimbursement on paid premiums may be available on stored cars, boats, etc. by reducing liability insurance to the minimum allowed. Check with your insurance agent to see if this applies to you. Maintain comprehensive coverage on your property throughout the storage period. Some agents require a copy of the storage agreement to confirm the storage period.

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